Cahir French Hub offers unique, award-winning French classes for children

The La Jolie Ronde method of teaching French is a child centred, child-friendly, dynamic and enjoyable way of teaching French to children.

The programmes which are centered around methodology based on real communication situations. Children will benefit from a structured and progressive programme and over time will begin to speak, read and write independently.

Why learn another language at a young age? 

A language is a skill for life

Experts say that young children who learn a second language are more likely than others to achieve native-like pronunciation. At a personal level, a lifetime of opportunities will be opened up: access to different people and a better understanding of other cultures; raised self-esteem; autonomy and confidence in travelling to other countries. 

At an academic level, it is easier for children who know a second language to understand language structures and this is beneficial to all languages a child speaks, including their mother tongue. Studies show that language learning increases creativity in young learners who usually score  higher on standardised tests. Speaking a second language enables adults to communicate with and to deal with clients in an expanded world network.

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